Pretty Woman

I’ve known many a man
And thought I loved a few.
But I have loved none
The way I have you.

I have been naked before
My body bare and cold,
Some tried to keep me warm,
And I shivered as the night grew old.

But your body keeps me warm,
And your touch makes every part of me dance;
First, with a nervous sprint in every step,
And then, a nonchalant trance.

I’ve always known a little song,
But had no one to sing it to,
Now I find myself humming it out loud,
Even as I try not to wake you.

The steam from my morning coffee
Seems to be breathing its last.
But I let it cool as I hear you breathe,
Slowly letting go of my past.


4 thoughts on “Pretty Woman

  1. I really liked your arrangement of words. Nervous spirit to nonchalant trance seemed connecting for a reader. It’s really well written. Taken up the issue that is very common and presented it extremely simplistically which helped retain the aesthetics.

    Liked by 1 person

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