A Hundred Dancing Feet

My feet touch the Earth

Barren and dry, almost harsh.

But they do not recoil,

From its unbearable heat.


They have been here before,

and they know they will be here again.

But they seem to have

A dance of their own.


My mind knows better, but

My feet – who is to stop them?

In their fervent, almost desperate trance

To stumble upon traces of moist.


Even the slightest trace.


Today my brother’s feet,

Will finally give up their dance.

And you will term it

An act of cowardice; a statistic at best.


Today my brother’s feet,

Will try to find ground in the city.

But as he knocks on your car’s window,

his scrawny body will be invisible to you.


But today, my feet will dance.

Along with a hundred others,

And they won’t stop till the ones we feed,

Have fed us.


And then, they will dance some more.


(Makrand Deshpande / Nana Patekar’s NAAM is doing phenomenal work to provide financial aid to farmers and their families.  In addition, there are several NGOs working towards the cause of watershed management to reduce drought occurrence. For example, Paani Foundation, working in association with Dilasa Sanstha and WOTR. Do also have a look at actor Rajshri Deshpande’s heartening work)


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