If I Were Nine Again

I’d let my mother tie my pigtails, instead of insisting I try,
There’s a whole lifetime of pushing yourself that you can’t skip by.

I’d make sure my dad dropped me to school everyday.
So I would have an audience for all that I had to say.

I’d read more books about fairies and gnomes and imps
Maybe then I’d know how that boy is so happy despite his limp.

I’d go cycling with the shy neighbourhood kid everyone found strange.
It’s nice to have someone who listens, for a change.

I’d stand up to the class bully who’d always step on my shoe lace,
I could’ve learned to give it back to bosses with a little more grace.

I’d get lost in the woods as I climbed the trees,
And I’d run along home if someone comes looking for me.

I’d play make believe every hour of every day,
So I have a world of my own to escape to when the skies are too grey.




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